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Spartansburg History is a work in progress. The information you will find here is based on stories, resources, pictures, news articles and some historic writings. Many of these resources have …

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Patrick Run-Early Settlers and Murder - 1814

PLEASE NOTE: This post is a brief overview of the lives of Patrick and Hugh Fitzpatrick.  For a more detailed study of their lives and deaths, check out the book …

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1820’s Saw Mills - 1820

In the 1820’s William Sterling and Akins started the first lumber businesses in Sparta Township.  The mills were on tract of land purchased from the Holland Land Company and were …

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Sparta Township Established - 1829

Sparta Township was originally a part of Mead Township, then Oil Creek Township.  In 1829, Sparta was named a new election district.  A Post Office and Election location was established …

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First Home in Spartansburg - 1830

The first log home in Spartansburg was built on the East side of Oil Creek by Abraham Blakeslee.

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Saw Mill and Grist Mill Begin Business in Spartansburg - 1831

In the 1830’s The Akins brothers, Andrew and Aaron, opened a Saw Mill and a Grist Mill on the East and West Side of Oil Creek.   The Grist mill was …

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Platt’s (Akins, Jude, Eldred and Thompson, Davis and Hyde, Platt & Steadman) Mill - 1832

Platt’s Mill on Mill Street beside the dam is the longest operating business site in Spartansburg.  It was the original grist mill site begun by the Akins brothers in the …

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Akin Store is First - 1837

In 1837, Andrew Akin opened a General Store in Spartansburg.  He employed Eli Catlin as a clerk.  Catlin also purchased, surveyed and laid out the plan for the village.

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The Tauber Woolen Mill (Previously Lamb) - 1837

Woolen manufacturing was among the earliest and longest lasting businesses in Spartansburg.  As early as 1837, nearly 20 years before the borough was incorporated, McWilliams and Emerson developed a carding …

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Presbyterian Church - 1849

The Presbyterian Church was organized in 1844.  The church was built in 1849 on the South side of Main Street.  The original pastors were George W. Hampson and Amos Chase.  …

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Baptist Church - 1851

The Baptist Congregation was begun in  Bloomfield in 1820 and met in Concord Township.  In 1849, organizers (listed below) brought a Baptist congregation to Spartansburg.    The original church building …

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Railroads Through Spartansburg - 1862

   The Oil Creek Railroad line from Titusville to Corry opened in 1862.  The Oil Creek became a part of the Western New York and PA, and later the Pennsylvania …

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School Building Erected in 1862 - 1862

The first school in Spartansburg town limits was built on land donated by the Akins on the east side of Oil Creek (East Branch) In 1862, a modern new school …

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Business Directory for circa 1867 and 1871 - 1867

Spartansburg grew continually from its incorporation in 1856. As the area of Sparta Township grew, men and women met the needs of the community with their knowledge and skills.  Miss …

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Methodist Episcopal Church - 1877

The Methodist Church building remains in its original location on Main Street.  The organization of the Methodist Episcopal Congregation happened about 1827 through Rev IH Tackett.  Church services were initially …

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The 1878 Fire Burns Main Street Businesses - 1878

Spartansburg has suffered three major fires in the town business district.  The first fire occurred in 1878 and destroyed homes and businesses on both side of Main Street. The downtown …

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Spartansburg Sentinel (Newspaper) - 1885

    ***NOTE*** Through the generous contribution from the Firth family, photo images of the Sentinel from 1902-1908 will be posted.  These will not be searchable. The first copy of …

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1898 Fire on the Northeast End of Main Street - 1898

  Twenty years after the 1878 fire that destroyed both sides of Main Street, the alarm of “Fire!” was sounded at 2 AM on June 13, 1898.  I am sure …

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1905 Fire Takes the South Side of Main Street - 1905

  Only seven years after the destructive fire of 1898 which burned the north side of Main Street, the quiet of a January night was broken by the call of …

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The Spartansburg Bank (1882-1905) - 1905

In 1882, a bank was organized in Spartansburg.  The bank was a private bank with no state or federal backing.  The first President of the bank was IH Burt and …

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Grange National Bank - 1908

          The Grange National Bank was the 2nd bank in Spartansburg.  It’s establishment came within 3 years after the failure of the Spartansburg (Tryon) Bank.  Spartansburg …

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Spartansburg Fair - 1921

Spartansburg folks enjoy celebrating.  Parades, carnivals, dances, dinners, picnics and gatherings of all sorts have been reported since the late 1800s in the busy borough.  Carnivals and parades were often …

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The “New” (1922) School - 1922

As the attendance at Spartansburg school increased and the building aged, the community members realized that a new home for education was needed.  So, the School Board and community leaders …

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OSMO Tannery (1933-1989) - 1931

As a part of his duties at the Tauber Woolen Mill, Walter Pfeiffer travelled and visited many businesses that were associated or enhanced the woolen trade.  On one such trip …

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Catholic Church - 1941

The Catholic Church has had a presence in Spartansburg for many years.  Services for Catholic residents of Spartansburg and the surrounding area were provided by missionary priests in the mid …

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