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The Taubers

The Tauber family held a prominent place in the Spartansburg community.  As owners and managers of the Tauber Woolen Mill, they provided employment as well as products that brought recognition …

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Lakeview (Hewell House) Hotel

One of the early businesses in Spartansburg was the Lakeview Hotel.  In 1862, CW Hewell opened the St Nichlas Hotel on the northwest corner of Main and Water streets.  During …

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Rexford Drug Store

On the southwest corner of Main Street and Mechanic Street, a large brick building was erected after the 1878 fire that destroyed both sides of the Main Street business district.  …

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Blacksmith Shops

At one time, Spartansburg hosted 4 blacksmith shops in the village.  Luther and George Day, Charles Thompson, John McDannel, Charles Kinney and OD Snapp were some of the early smiths …

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The Bates House

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bates lived in this house on Mechanic Street         These pictures are from about 1936.                 …

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The Lewis House

John M Lewis, Esq. owned and operated a wagon and carriage shop in the borough.   He was well-respected for his workmanship and he was also a Justice of the Peace …

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New Era Temple

The New Era Temple was established in about 1895 and built a church on the west side of  Mechanic Street, 2 doors down from what is now the PA Gast …

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The Lindstrom House

  This house, owned by Herbert and Maude Linstrom. was across from Platt’s Mill, behind the Thompson house.  It has been demolished.    

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The Edwards House

William Edwards and his family came to Spartansburg from Forfar, Scotland in about 1873.  William, his wife Elisabeth (Scott) and their sons, James and William settled in a house on …

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The Edwards Woolen Mill

The Edwards Brothers (James and WIlliam), with the help of the town, constructed and operated a woolen mill.  Two acres of land at the end of Water Street were donated …

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