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The Taubers

The Tauber family held a prominent place in the Spartansburg community.  As owners and managers of the Tauber Woolen Mill, they provided employment as well as products that brought recognition …

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Rexford Drug Store

On the southwest corner of Main Street and Mechanic Street, a large brick building was erected after the 1878 fire that destroyed both sides of the Main Street business district.  …

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Blacksmith Shops

At one time, Spartansburg hosted 4 blacksmith shops in the village.  Luther and George Day, Charles Thompson, John McDannel, Charles Kinney and OD Snapp were some of the early smiths …

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OSMO Tannery (1933-1989)

As a part of his duties at the Tauber Woolen Mill, Walter Pfeiffer travelled and visited many businesses that were associated or enhanced the woolen trade.  On one such trip …

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Grange National Bank

          The Grange National Bank was the 2nd bank in Spartansburg.  It’s establishment came within 3 years after the failure of the Spartansburg (Tryon) Bank.  Spartansburg …

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The Spartansburg Bank (1882-1905)

In 1882, a bank was organized in Spartansburg.  The bank was a private bank with no state or federal backing.  The first President of the bank was IH Burt and …

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Spartansburg Sentinel (Newspaper)

    ***NOTE*** Through the generous contribution from the Firth family, photo images of the Sentinel from 1902-1908 will be posted.  These will not be searchable. The first copy of …

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Goldsteins’ Mercantile

With the mottos “Live and Let Live” and “A Satisfied Customer is the Best Advertisement” Goldstein’s Mercantile operated in Spartansburg from 1868 until 1915.  The business was started in 1868 …

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Business Directory for circa 1867 and 1871

Spartansburg grew continually from its incorporation in 1856. As the area of Sparta Township grew, men and women met the needs of the community with their knowledge and skills.  Miss …

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Akin Store is First

In 1837, Andrew Akin opened a General Store in Spartansburg.  He employed Eli Catlin as a clerk.  Catlin also purchased, surveyed and laid out the plan for the village.

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