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    Baptist Church

    The Baptist Congregation was begun in  Bloomfield in 1820 and met in Concord Township.  In 1849, organizers (listed below) brought a Baptist congregation to Spartansburg.    The original church building was erected and dedicated in 1851.  The church was described in the 1955 writings of Ralph Elliott Blakeslee as a “perfect specimen of New England Meeting House.  That building was replaced by the current building on the same property in 1979. Organizers of the original congregation included: AJ Millard, A Matteson, Joseph Cook, John Carperner, Isaac Shreve and Benjamin Darrow. Spartansburg Baptist today.  The new building was built on the same location as the original church building in 1979.

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    Platt’s (Akins, Jude, Eldred and Thompson, Davis and Hyde, Platt & Steadman) Mill

    Platt’s Mill on Mill Street beside the dam is the longest operating business site in Spartansburg.  It was the original grist mill site begun by the Akins brothers in the 1830s on land purchased from Judge Barlow.  The Akins also had a saw mill on the west side of Oil Creek.  The mill was in a great location when the railroad came through town, and a siding from the main line to the mill further established its prominence. This portion of a map from 1867 shows the location of the saw and grist mills at that time. This 1876 map shows that the property for the grist mill had transferred…