About this site

Spartansburg History is work in progress. I welcome any photos, stories, articles or other historical items. I will care for them, digitize them and get them back to you.

The information you will find here is based on stories, resources, pictures, news articles and some historic writings. Many of these resources have been shared, at my request, by folks whose families have lived here for multiple generations. The writings are as factual as possible. In many ways Spartansburg is a typical small rural village. But, after 34 years of life in this typical village, I have come to realize that the community spirit, sense of dedication and sincere concern for one another that is exhibited here is not especially typical. This site is an attempt to share the successes, struggles, disasters and celebrations of the town and its people.

With special thanks to Lelia Blakeslee, Roger and Debbie Stranahan, Connie Bell, Kathy Brunst, Jesse Cole, Troy and Lynn Firth, Jack Reible, the family of Dolly Firth, Owen Linlithgow Conner and others who shared pictures and stories. Other resources referenced in the posts will be noted.