School Building Erected in 1862

The first school in Spartansburg town limits was built on land donated by the Akins on the east side of Oil Creek (East Branch)

In 1862, a modern new school was built on the corner of Water and Wood Streets.  The wood construction building was 2 stories tall with 3 rooms on each floor.   The Principal was Eli Catlin with Lizzie Akin and Eila Rorabeck as teachers.  Six men served as the Board of Directors: Dr. AP Waid, TG Tyler, G Hilliker, WW White, CW Binney and WN Reno.

Other schools served the students in the Spartansburg area prior to this building, but this school reached out to townships surrounding the town, with some becoming residential students living with Spartansburg citizens.

This school continued to be used until 1922 when a new brick school was built at the same location.

Spartansburg was very proud of its schools.  Reporters visiting the city in 1874 and 1880 shared descriptions of the school in the Titusville Herald.

1stsessionSpartaHS 571867
1867-Announcing starting session and promising to be the “best school in the county”
Spartansburg school as described in the Titusville Herald on June 10, 1874
Spartansburg school as described in the Titusville Herald on June 10, 1874
From the September 22, 1880 Titusville Herald
From the September 22, 1880 Titusville Herald

Students were recognized in the newspaper for outstanding performance

1880 Recognition of outstanding student attendance

The commencement program and celebration for the class of 1896 lists the graduates and their graduation essays, which were shared as a part of the program, in this article.

The Spartansburg Graduating Class of 1896 Program and Celebration from the Titusville Herald May 8, 1896

The Program Course Booklet from 1898-99 defines the expectations for the scholars at Spartansburg School:

Program Course Booklet

Tuition was charged for attending school in the 1900s.  The rates for those in each level was advertised and students from the surrounding area were welcomed.

An early article about the Spartansburg School and what it offers to the community and surrounding area
From 1903- Souvenir book listing students in Intermediate grades