Lakeview (Hewell House) Hotel

One of the early businesses in Spartansburg was the Lakeview Hotel.  In 1862, CW Hewell opened the St Nichlas Hotel on the northwest corner of Main and Water streets.  During his proprietorship, the hotel was called by the name St. Nichlas and the Hewell House.   During Hewell’s ownership, the hotel survived the first major fire (1878) that burned both sides of Main Street.

In about 1886, Jerome Hyatt and his family took ownership of the hotel, and remained there through yet another fire in 1898.  In 1899, Hyatt moved on and CE “Cap” Boyle became host to guests at the hotel.

For the next several years, the hotel continued to provide a home away for travelers, but ownership and management did not provide stability for the business.

Under the management of TW Scott in 1901, painting and repairs were noted.

Thomas Haddock, owner of the hotel in 1902, changed the name to Lakeview Hotel and advertised its sale in 1903.

Hewell House is renamed as Lakeview Hotel in 1902
Lakeview for sale in 1903

It was purchased by MH Goff


The hotel survived the 3rd major fire in 1905.    Later, Mrs. Mary Higgins sold the business to John Buckham.

Advertising card from John Buckham


DW Higgins and his wife, Mary were owners in 1905.  It was described as one of the best $1.50/day hotels in the county, with new furnishings since Higgins became owner.


The Lakeview was the site of many celebrations.  Weddings, anniversaries, school events and political gatherings used the Lakeview’s dining and reception areas.

Having made it safely through the flames that claimed major parts of the business district in 1878, 1898 and 1905, the Lakeview fell to flames in 1918.  At that time, it was under the ownership of Leonard LeBer.

lakeview hotel front

The hotel was a total loss, the flames being so hot and consumption so advanced that nothing could be saved from the building.  The hotel that had served Spartansburg travelers for more than 65 years was reduced to ashes, and the northwest corner of Main and Water was ready for new opportunities.   That new opportunity would prove to have even more longevity than the hotel.