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BL (Bert) Miller-Druggist

From the June 30, 1905 Spartansburg Sentinel

BL Miller came to Spartansburg from Williamsport in Summer, 1905 having purchased the business of CH (CA) Gabriel at auction, following the failure of the Spartansburg Bank. (Gabriel was a guarantor of the bank) . He had several years of experience as a druggist and advertisements and articles indicated his success.

During this time, another drug store, owned by the Rexfords, was also operating in Spartansburg. In about 1907, Miller and Rexford became partners and Miller purchased a large storefront on the southwest corner of Main and Mechanic Streets (built following the 1878 fire by the Kinneys) that had been the SpartaBargain Store.  Rexford and Miller combined their businesses in this building

Mr. Rexford was a jeweler as well as a druggist.  The store carried many items needed by the citizens of Spartansburg.

Among the items mentioned in the article from the 1908 Spartansburg Sentinel, were “patent medicines” also known as “Nostrums”.  These items were noted as being from the A.D.S. line of products.   The A.D.S. was the American Druggists Syndicate which consisted of druggists who worked to provide drugs at reduced costs.  There were several such groups, and each had their own line of products.  Some of the items that may have been included on the shelves of BL Miller’s store were: