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Rexford Drug Store

On the southwest corner of Main Street and Mechanic Street, a large brick building was erected after the 1878 fire that destroyed both sides of the Main Street business district.  Initially, this building housed the CW Kinney grocery store, later called the Diamond Grocery.

About 1911, the store became a drug store and jewelry store owned by the Rexford family with partners.  One of these partners was BL (Bert) Miller who purchased a business from CH Gabriel in about 1907.  More can be found about BL Miller in an article about him.

Mr. Rexford

The druggists, Rexford and Allen were involved in some legal difficulties in 1914.  Morphine was sold in an illegal manner to a woman who later died of an overdose of morphine.  These articles report of the event and following charges and restitution.  Rexford and Allen Morphine Sale.

Articles are from the Titusville Herald unless otherwise noted.

Rexford’s office
Lina and Mildred Rexford
Clyde and Lina Rexford in buggy, JJBrightman and Hermia on porch (mother)
The Rexford’s parlor