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Photographer~JP Hearn

James P Hearn served the photographic needs of Spartansburg, Waterford and Union City for several years starting in about 1875.

This news article from the Titusville Herald, October 18, 1895 mentions Hearn. He likely had a small shop above one of the stores on Main Street where he worked a few days each month.

Hearn was born in Devonshire, England in 1846. He immigrated to Canada in 1872 and studied photography there. He maintained a studio in Union City, rebuilding following a fire in 1879. He is included in the 1884 version of the History of Erie County:

Here are some examples of Hearn’s photography in what was known as “cabinet cards”.

Wording on the photo backing: Artistic Photography
Instantaneous Processing Used Exclusively

Hearn later moved with his family to Olean, NY in about 1894, where he continued his business at 1114 State Street until shortly before his death in 1922.