New Era Temple

New Era

The New Era Temple was established in about 1895 and built a church on the west side of  Mechanic Street, 2 doors down from what is now the PA Gast Haus.  The congregation members were “spiritualists”.  It is unknown how long there was an active congregation at the church.

New Era Temple Dedicated

Dedication Report from Titusville Herald (1895)

Following the 1898 Fire that destroyed part of the business district on the south side of Main Street, the building was fitted to be the temporary home for 3 businesses.  It also served later as a warehouse for Lamb Woolen Mill, and in 1914 was purchased by the Sentinel for use an an office.  Additionally, it was used by the Fire Department.

The building was host to several musical and theatrical events to which the community was invited.  These included:

Uncle Tom’s Cabin play (1896)
Ice cream and other socials given to raise funds for several organizations
A Temperance Play- The Miner’s Daughter (1900)
Several Clear Lake Band concerts
The Eastern Crawford Cycling Club social
Canadian Colored Concert Company  (link to information about the group)
Minstrel Shows (What were Minstrel Shows?)
The Rolling Thunder Medicine Company-2 week engagement  (Link to Information about the show)

Rolling Thunder AKA Lewis Belmont Newell had a traveling medicine show

It was also the site of basketball games for the school