Clear Lake Band

In 1904, a band, under the direction of Gustave Schmelzer was formed.

Over the years, the membership changed, but concerts and parades were frequently attended by townsfolk to watch and hear our local musicians.

Gus Schmelzer gave his baton to Abe Goldstein, but his support continued.

Mr. Goldstein composed as well as directing the band and orchestra.

The bandstand was on an empty lot, about where the Dutch Treat outdoor seating area for their ice cream shop has been built (2020)
Parades can be dangerous….
Marching in a July 4 Parade in 1908. Not sure what unit they are following, but they seem to be getting a good dusting from Main Street.

There is no indication of a date when this concert was held, but the program must have taken a good degree of practice to prepare.

June of 1909 article about Friday night concerts
Concert announcement from 1931
This article appeared in the newspaper (probably Titusville Herald) as a part of the 100th birthday of Spartansburg. It might have been a bit later than the caption indicates since Abe Goldstein was directing- so maybe about 1907 or so.

The gazebo has since been removed-the Central Hotel (now Ashley’s Pub-2020) can be seen across the street.