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The Edwards Woolen Mill

The Edwards Brothers (James and WIlliam), with the help of the town, constructed and operated a woolen mill.  Two acres of land at the end of Water Street were donated and “subscriptions” were sold to raise funds for construction and machinery.  The mill was in operation from 1896 until 1902.  A fire damaged the building and the Edwards’ Mill was re-located to Siverly (Oil City) in 1902.

The Edwards Brothers’ family home is featured here.

These news clips are from the Titusville Herald:


April 10, 1896

June 5, 1896

Carnival held to celebrate

July 7, 1896:  The Merchant’s Carnival was held in honor of the completion of the Mill Building.  A parade was held and the carnival was held in the new empty building.

In 1900, the Edwards Brothers Applied for, and received a Charter and became Incorporated:

June 8, 1900


August 29, 1900