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Catholic Church

The Catholic Church has had a presence in Spartansburg for many years.  Services for Catholic residents of Spartansburg and the surrounding area were provided by missionary priests in the mid 1800s.  Starting in 1906, Father Kuntz, from Corry, held Mass once a month.  He was followed by Father David Hartnett who met with parishioners once a month in the home of William Bliley

The Blileys provided a portable altar and 2 benches for those who came to gather near the pot-belly coal stove.   Mrs. Bliley tended the altar linens and vestments.  When a larger congregation required more space, stores were rented for services.

Father Francis Graves served when the house on Water Street was purchased and renovated for services in 1941.

Upon the retirement of Father Hartnett, Father Francis Graves took over the direction of the Spartansburg mission in addition to his flock at St. Thomas in Corry. During his direction, a large 8 room house on Water Street was purchased from the Kilburn family.

Volunteer labor provided by the parishioners remodeled the house to provide a chapel that could seat 100 people and a social center on the ground floor, as well as  2nd floor rooms used for church organization meetings.   Directing the renovations was a committee composed of Peter Dooher, WC Bruckner and W Bliley.  Christmas Day, 1941 saw the first celebration of Mass at Our Lady of Victory.

After the Catholic Church moved to its new location east of Spartansburg, the building again became a family home

In 1965, services were moved from the Water Street church to a newly constructed building on Route 77, just east of Spartansburg on land donated by the Blakeslee family.   The first mass was celebrated on May 16, 1965.

Pictures from the dedication of the new church.

Father Cyril Cooper served as Priest and directed the construction of the new facility.

The inside of Our Lady of Victory-celebrating Mass

The church in Spartansburg has now closed and parishioners attend church in Corry.