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Hardware: Most’s to Bova’s

In 1968, the hardware that had been owned and run by Fern Beale and the Bates, was purchased by Herbert Most and his wife Marlott who had come to the US from Germany in 1951.  They owned the store until 1989. The store was in the same location built by Leon Morris in 1899.  As with all the previous owners, the hardware was an important part of the community.  Collections for the March of Dimes, Red Cross and local fund-raising were made at the store.  Displays for Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and school teams were often found in the windows.

In 1971, yet another fire destroyed a business on the northeast corner of Main Street.   There was suspicion of arson because there had been a series of unexplained fires in the area before the hardware fire.

Following the fire, Most moved the store to the other end of Main Street-in the same location, but not the same building, where Leon Morris had started with his grocery store

Most’s efforts were appreciated by the community and celebrated by a Girl Scout Troop.

Most wasn’t without excitement at the new location:

Most Hardware remained at that location until it was sold to the current owners,  Kim and John Bova in 1989.

Since the purchase of the hardware, the store has expanded and now encompasses 3 historic buildings on the northwest end of Main Street.  The business remains a vital part of Spartansburg as it serves not only the folks in the borough, but also from the surrounding area.  Many unique items are to be found in the store as they strive to serve the local Amish community as well.

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Bova’s Hardware continues the spirit of Spartansburg as a true family business, just the way the store began back in 1865.