Inventors and Patent Holders

Spartansburg has had its share of creative, inventive folks.  Several patents have been received and inventions, ranging from the extremely useful to the slightly silly have come from our history.  Not much information is available about some of the patents and inventions, but many related to the vocation of the inventor

In 1858, John D. Akin received a patent for a musical instrument described below:

In 1870, John H Dustan is one of many who was granted a patent for a washing machine.  Could it have been used on something like this one?


Link to Patent

Furniture springs was the patent for JH Dustan and DW Akin in 1876. Link to Patent

In 1880, Henry J Lyman’s patent was for a “Butter washer, cooler and worker”. LymanPatentUS223934

Charles D. Scott designed and built what later became the Climax Locomotive in 1888.  However, he was not recognized as the inventor until 1892.  More information about the Climax will be included on this site.

A regulator for pumps gained a patent for Elmer Alsdurf (Alsdorf) om 1892

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WC Hilliard is credited with inventing a musical “concoction” he called the “Multiphone”.  In 1893, an article was shared describing this instrument as he performed in Meadville and Titusville.

EH Dorn had an idea for a better milk can in 1903. Link to Patent

A 1906 “rein guard”patent by Charles T Waggoner ReinGuardWaggonerUS0830191A

Working with the Oil industry, LR McCarthy and JC Vroman patented a “plunger mechanism for oil wells” in 1909

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John Tauber, whose family owned the Tauber Woolen Mills had  at least 2 patents, one of which was extremely important to the mill production.

In 1912, Tauber gained a patent for a vacuum cleaner.


In 1914, was the invention that made changes for the Woolen Mill and their products


Ray Harroun, known as the winner of the first Indianapolis 500 Race in 1911, is credited with inventing the rear view mirror.  This has been proven to be inaccurate, but he probably was the first to use it in a race.  Other inventions credited to Harroun will be found in the post about him on this site.

In 1939, Thelma Leona Warner received a copyright for her melody and words  “Drifting Down the River” . Link to 1939 Copyright