Sports and Teams

Spartansburg citizens worked hard to develop businesses and industry in the village.  But they also enjoyed watching and playing sports.  Not much information is available on the various sports teams in Spartansburg, but newspaper reports provide the following information:


In August, 1880 our team played against Corry (note that the article refers to the baseball game between the Spartansburg Invicibles and Corry)

Quoits is mentioned again in 1904-not necessarily a team.


Bike Club

In 1899, an article from the Crawford County Commissioner reported that a tax of $1/wheel would be assessed on bicycles in the county, with that money to be used to establish paths along roadways.  The article also reported that a bicycle club had been started in Spartansburg with 100 members.

Earlier, in 1896, there was a report of 3 boys from Greenville being fined $1 each because they were caught riding their bikes on our sidewalks.


The earliest report of a team in Spartansburg is in 1882.  The team was called the “Alerts”

The Titusville Herald carried a full report of the game against Titusville on August 25, 1882 (The Alerts lost)
Titusville report

This article announces the creation of a new team called the “Invincibles” in 1894.

A game in 1898 between Spartansburg and Centerville seems to have been controversial.

In 1904, Spartansburg vs Townville

In 1905, Spartansburg wins a game against Concord