Shop Ads 1871-1907

In the late 1800’s Spartansburg had a large business district. Even with fires destroying all or parts of Main Street, these early merchants and tradesmen persevered. Many of the ads appeared in the Spartansburg Sentinel beginning in 1885.

The 1871 ads were printed in the Business Directory for Crawford County and represent several businesses prominent at the time.

In 1893, Dr. Green advertised his expert dental services- he even refunded your railroad fare if you spent enough…

1902-Blankets from the Edwards Woolen Mill are advertised in a special sale at Ullman’s in Titusville

Some 1902 ads from Spartansburg businesses-most in Main Street stores that are still in use.

Spartansburg Mercantile will show you their clothing even if you don’t want to purchase anything.

And at Tryon’s, you can get breakfast fixins’, picnic baskets and fishing supplies- sounds like a full day!

Diamond Grocery had a special offer… What was a “Crayon Portrate”?
Here is an explanation.

If you need a sewing machine…you can go with an “honest” machine for $12.50, or step up to “the best” for $22- with a 10 year guarantee.

This sounds just too yummy-maybe try adding some crushed celery to your Wheaties???

Lots of gluten makes the flour the best….
Sarsaparilla was available at Miller’s and Rexford’s Drug Stores

1904 and 1905 ads indicate that several new businesses have come to town

One of the early stores owned by the Winans family- Sidney Winans

BL Miller bought the store that was sold by CH Gabriel to help to reimburse patrons of the Spartansburg Bank following its dissolve.
EA Blakeslee was also caught in the Spartansburg Bank problems. He also sold out his business to repay those who invested in the bank
WA Rhodes accepted produce the same as cash

Rexford Pharmacy was fortunate to have an optician in residence for Spartansburg’s citizens.
The place for horse furnishing….
From his wagon or his residence…