Methodist Episcopal Church


The Methodist Church building remains in its original location on Main Street.  The organization of the Methodist Episcopal Congregation happened about 1827 through Rev IH Tackett.  Church services were initially held in the school building that was on land owned by Dan Akins (west of the creek on Main Street) and on alternate Sundays at the Presbyterian Church. The church building was completed in 1877 on the East side of the creek on land donated by Abraham Blakeslee.  It was 34 x 60 and cost $2600.

Announcement of the dedication of the new Methodist Church in 1877-from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

The church is very much the same today, and some of the original windows are still in use.  An addition and some updates were completed in 1955, but the main structure was preserved.

The tall spire on the church was removed in 1939.

The Methodist Church remains much as it was when originally erected in 1877.

Methodist Church Sesquicentennial

This information about the church was provided by Richard Hays and contains facts about the church through the year 2000.