Shop Ads 1908-1922

New brick buildings were erected following the 1898 and 1905 fires. The buildings that housed many of the businesses who advertised in the Spartansburg Sentinel and Titusville Herald are still in use today.

Winans as Funeral Director

1914 Ad- Notice the phone number. The Winans Block was to the right of the IOOF Building.

CL Rexford advertised Drugs, Jewelry and Notions- Chicken feed must have been a “notion”

This ad explains what Charc-Oil was
More “notions” from Rexford
Chi-Namel ad
Those “notions” just keep on coming…

The CL Rexford Company was busy in 1917-obviously expanding from Jewelry and Drugs to other things that folks in town needed.

They continued in business in 1920, adding electronics to their offerings.

The merchants in Spartansburg wanted to be sure that folks were purchasing things they could afford to pay for- with a Credit Guide-Check before you buy….

Another 1917 Spartansburg business

I wonder if Rexford’s $37.50 radio could pull in KDKA when it came to life in 1920- Pittsburgh is closer than Schenectady (mentioned in the ad)

1921 brought ads from Burlinghams and from Ruggles Ford

Ruggles Ford later became Fish Ford

1922-Rexford is selling paint- and the mill is now owned by a Platt!