Shop Ads 1923-?

Businesses continued to come and go in Spartansburg. Longstanding businesses change hands and keep on going… And, while advertising in 2020 is often done using social media, getting the word out is still vital to keeping customers coming through the doors.

Doohers owned a hardware and grocery in town in 1923. Members of PJ Dooher’s family still live in Spartansburg

Folks in town liked to keep those Spartansburg lumber floors cared for and shiny

Doohers-“The Square Deal Store”

Proctor and Gamble for Spring Cleaning- Dooher’s has a bucket full

Nationwide Stores came to town in the 1930s. It was a chain store probably located at the corner of Main and Water Street-across from Fish Ford

1936-Iced Coffee

Fish Ford replaced Ruggles Ford.

In 1950, Spartansburg Woolen Mills/Tauber Woolen Mills offer their Luxury Comforts

The Tauber Mill- later the Spartansburg Mill had frequent sales of their “luxury comforts”

Note that they advertise the “new concrete road” (Probably the piece of Route 77 from Spartansburg to Riceville)