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    Clear Lake Band

    In 1904, a band, under the direction of Gustave Schmelzer was formed. Over the years, the membership changed, but concerts and parades were frequently attended by townsfolk to watch and hear our local musicians. Gus Schmelzer gave his baton to Abe Goldstein, but his support continued. Mr. Goldstein composed as well as directing the band and orchestra. There is no indication of a date when this concert was held, but the program must have taken a good degree of practice to prepare. The gazebo has since been removed-the Central Hotel (now Ashley’s Pub-2020) can be seen across the street.

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    Spartansburg Fair

    Spartansburg folks enjoy celebrating.  Parades, carnivals, dances, dinners, picnics and gatherings of all sorts have been reported since the late 1800s in the busy borough.  Carnivals and parades were often held to mark the opening of a new business, for example the opening of the Edwards Woolen Mill in 1898, and the opening of the Grange National Bank. So, it is no wonder that 158 years after the establishment of Spartansburg as a town, we are still celebrating.  The Spartansburg Fair is Born The main celebration time for us is the Spartansburg Community Fair- in 2014, the 93rd Fair.  While several fair-like events had been held, sometimes more than once…

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    Firemen’s Carnivals and Dances

    Spartansburg Firemen sponsored many events, often for fund-raising for the VFD and other organizations. One event was the Firemen’s Carnival.  The first carnival was held in 1948 and was in conjunction with the American Legion to raise money for the American Legion Home.  Several other carnivals were held in the next few years. The firemen also hosted dances and other social events at the firehall building on Mechanic Street.  The building was originally the New Era Temple on Mechanic Street.

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    Presbyterian Church

    The Presbyterian Church was organized in 1844.  The church was built in 1849 on the South side of Main Street.  The original pastors were George W. Hampson and Amos Chase.  Oliver N. Chapin served as supply pastor for some time. Early members included: Eli Catlin, Wolcott Bennett, Mrs. Lula Smith. Joseph Culver, Isaac Brown, Charles and John Day, Isaac Farndon and William McLay.   An active congregation was maintained until 1866. After the discontinuation of the Presbyterian congregation, the building was sold to the Congregational Church.  Elders JT Waid and William Major served at the church along with Reverend MacKellar.  Other members of the Congregationalists were:Homer Hall, WW Youngson, Peter…