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    Grange National Bank

    The Grange National Bank was the 2nd bank in Spartansburg.  It’s establishment came within 3 years after the failure of the Spartansburg (Tryon) Bank.  Spartansburg was a thriving community and it was the feeling of merchants and farmers in the area that a bank was needed. In this Spartansburg Sentinel article from February 15, 1907, it is explained that $25000 is required to establish a National Bank.  That money is through shares of $100 each with 50% due at organization and 10% each month after that until paid. The bank was originally to be called the First National Bank of Spartansburg, and was noted as such in the approval of…

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    Read the Spartansburg Sentinel 1902-1908

    Spartansburg Sentinel Newspapers Thanks to the generous provision of the Firth Family, copies of the original Spartansburg Sentinel from 1902-1908 were permitted to be digitized and shared with visitors to this website. Additional information about the Sentinel and its production can be found here. Be aware that some printing is very light due to the quality of the ink and age of the papers. It will take a minute or so for each paper to load, depending on your internet speed. 1902 August September October November December 1903 January February March April May June July August September October November December 1904 January February March April May June July August September…

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    Spartansburg’s Newspaper the Sentinel

      The first copy of the “Spartansburgh” Sentinel was 2 pages and issued on February 28, 1885.  The Editor was listed as RA Maxwell who published the paper from his home. ***NOTE*** Through the generous contribution from the Firth family, photo images of the Sentinel from 1902-1908 will be posted.  These will not be searchable. COPIES OF SENTINEL TO READ Shortly after, the paper was sold to Allen Tryon who moved the paper into a Main Street building later used as the post office.  Tryon owned the paper for a short time working with A E Walling.  John Wright was employed as a type-setter and after about a year, purchased…

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    The Spartansburg Bank (1882-1905)

    In 1882, a bank was organized in Spartansburg.  The bank was a private bank with no state or federal backing.  The first President of the bank was IH Burt and the first cashier was FD Catlin.  In 1889, DW Tryon became a major stockholder and cashier for the bank.  Community members and farmers from the area made deposits and the bank continued to grow, showing $30,000 available in a bank report in 1900. The Spartansburg Sentinel ran an ad for the bank on March 3, 1905 On March 4, 1905, DW Tryon closed the bank and went to Meadville to transfer all bank and personal property to an “assignee” who…

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    Railroads Through Spartansburg

       The Oil Creek Railroad line from Titusville to Corry opened in 1862.  The Oil Creek became a part of the Western New York and PA, and later the Pennsylvania RR.  The railroad provided opportunities for merchants and tradesmen in the area to expand their businesses and promoted Spartansburg’s growth.